Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the first online aviation marketplace that facilitates the procurement of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul projects by MROs and aviation service providers.

Aircraft owners and operators are able to submit their aircraft maintenance work to the global MRO marketplace to receive quotes against those projects, and MRO subscribers are able to place quotes against an expanding inventory of aircraft maintenance projects. allows all end users to search for MRO work that conforms to their organization's capabilities and allows them to track their projects and quotes from one location.
What kind of aircraft and powerplants can be submitted to
Any type of civil aviation aircraft or powerplant that requires maintenance work can be submitted- hot air balloons, experimental aircraft, single piston engine aircraft, helicopters, as well as all types of commercial aircraft and engines.
What types of projects can be submitted to
Every conceivable type of aircraft maintenance work for either an individual aircraft/powerplant or for an entire fleet- from interior modifications, avionics upgrades, mandated inspections, heavy aircraft maintenance, engine/APU repair and overhauls, 100-hour inspections, custom modifications, paint and decal work, accident/incident-related repairs, engine borescope inspections, part out and consignment projects, cargo conversions, FBO (fixed base operator) work, DAR (designated airworthiness representatives) services, and even pilot ferry services can be submitted to for quotation.
What types of companies can best utilize
Besides Maintenance Repair Organizations (MROs), other companies in the aviation service industry such as OEMs, FBOs, aircraft modification companies, aircraft engineering services, engine inspection service companies, and aircraft part-out/recycling companies can all benefit from to identify suitable projects that correspond to their capabilities.

On the aircraft owner and operator side of the ledger, airlines, aircraft lessors, aircraft asset management companies, general aviation aircraft owners, and cargo, corporate and charter aircraft management companies can all post their maintenance project requests on to accelerate the procurement process.
Does offer its own aircraft repair services?
No. The purpose of is to connect aircraft owner/operators with those who provide maintenance, repair, and overhaul services.
Can maintenance projects be posted anonymously?
Yes, the owner or operator has the option to post projects anonymously. When projects are posted anonymously, owners and operators can decide at what point to disclose their identity to MROs and aircraft service providers. For owners and operators who do not want to receive unwanted inquiries about their project via phone or email, posting anonymously allows them to better control the procurement process.